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  • Interviewer: Taylor, what's it like having a girl in the band?
  • Taylor: It's definitely interesting! We love it and have become so much more patient. Hayley will have been a help when we decide to get married so we owe a lot to her.
  • Hayley: Those girls can bow at my feet!
  • Taylor: We have had to learn so much about girls. But at the same time I wouldn't want to be in a band with any other girl. Hayley isn't one of the guys but it's not like there is a girl you have to tiptoe around.
  • Hayley: I get farted on all the time.
  • Taylor: But then she runs up and she'll fart on us!
  • Hayley: It's true, that happens. And I am not ashamed!

Official Mockingjay poster

Official Mockingjay poster



#this is where I casually point out that Charlie is a lesbian #so she does not find Cas dreamy #but she’s talking to Dean #and look at how her eyes move to him when she says it #I can read that and I don’t even ship Destiel that hard

This is where i mention to you that Charlie has read all the spn books, including the things that Chuck never published because Becky got to it and posted it all on line. You know the books that tell every Sam or Dean think?

I’m not saying Destiel.

But c’mon. 

The only thing that I think we have left, Dean and me, is each other. If Dean says that it’s time to go out in a blaze of glory, win or lose, so be it, I’m in.  But then… that’s just how I roll. 


i’m glad the shit that lives in the ocean lacks the ability to leave the ocean because most of it is scary as fuck